Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup

The NEDC Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup brings together government, industry, and port stakeholders to implement innovative, cost-effective strategies for reducing emissions, conserving fuel, promoting sustainability and "freight as a good neighbor" practices, and responding to climate change through mitigation and adaptation at ports in the Northeast. The group meets regularly by conference call, learns from local and national experts, and visits ports to learn more about their operations, equipment and emissions.

Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup Charter

NEDC Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup Members (as of July 2014)

Note that many other entities participate on an occasional basis.

  • Bridgeport Port Authority
  • CalStart
  • Connecticut DEP
  • Gloucester Port Authority
  • ICF International
  • Maine DEP
  • Maine Port Authority
  • Massachusetts DEP
  • Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council
  • MJ Bradley & Associates
  • New Bedford Harbor Development Commission
  • New Hampshire DES
  • New Haven Port Authority
  • New Jersey DEP
  • New York State DEC
  • PHB Public Affairs
  • Port Authority of NYNJ
  • Port of Davisville, RI / Quonset Development Corp.
  • Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island DEM
  • US EPA Regions 1 and 2
  • Starcrest Consulting

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NEDC Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup Presentations

Workgroup conference calls often feature presentations by members or guest speakers, such as (in chronological order, most- to least- recent):

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